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RateBid® was developed in 2010 around three basic concepts:

  • It's faster to shop and compare rates from multiple professionals on a single website, rather than approaching, calling, or clicking on different professionals. RateBid® provides a single platform that allows customers to get personalized rate/price quotes (called "RateBids") from an unlimited number of professionals.
  • In a free market economy, increased competition pushes rates down through the law of supply and demand. RateBid® forces professionals to compete for each customer in the RateBid® Reverse Auction Platform, therefore increasing the supply of competition for each customer demand.
  • The Internet allows mass numbers of people to communicate anonymously. RateBid® only shows professionals the necessary data that they need to quote Rate Bids, which never includes personal contact information.

Mission Statement

"To leverage technology in order to improve market efficiency for as many goods and services as possible"

The RateBid® Reverse Auction Platform is able to improve market efficiency for real estate agent services, mortgages, title insurance and home inspections due to the industry experience of the RateBid® Team. The RateBid® team understands the key factors that professionals in each category must know before providing accurate bids to customers, and continuously monitors industry trends happening within these categories. This is where the true magic of RateBid® comes from.

Blake Alexander
Blake Alexander, Founder

Founder / President

The combination of simple economics, mortgage lending experience, and a passion for solving problems led Mr. Alexander to form RateBid.com, LLC. He earned his BSBA from the University of Missouri in 2009, where he graduated with a dual emphasis in finance and real estate, and is currently a licensed mortgage loan originator in the states of Missouri and Kansas.

Are you an industry expert of a category that is not currently offered on the RateBid® Reverse Auction Platform? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? We are always looking for new categories to add, and new talent to help integrate them into the RateBid® Reverse Auction Platform. Email us your resume. We may be interested in partnering with you.